Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of Seattle Washington

Calvary Cemetery
Seattle, WA

Holyrood Cemetery
Shoreline, WA

Gethsemane Cemetery
Federal Way, WA

A Legacy of Faith

      The Catholic cemetery is the final resting place for the members of our Faith Community on our Journey to God. It is the gate of heaven. Burial in the consecrated ground of the Catholic cemetery allows you to share your faith values with future generations of your family. This legacy of faith is your gift to them. Catholic cemeteries are signs of hope that are places of prayer. They witness our faith in the Lord Jesus and the hope we share in his resurrection.

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Mass in English - 10:30 AM

November 2 –All Souls Day (Monday)
November 14 – Holyrood
November 21 – Calvary
November 28 – Gethsemane

December 5 – Holyrood
December 12 – Calvary
December 19 – Gethsemane

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Noviembre 14 – Gethsemane
Noviembre 28 – Holyrood

Diciembre 5 – Gethsemane
Diciembre 19 – Holyrood


Calandario de todas las misas en Español

St. Patrick Cemetery 1908

St. Patrick Cemetery 2015

St. Patrick Cemetery Then
St. Patrick Catholic Cemetery, located in Kent was created in 1880 by the O'Connell family who
 set aside four and a half acres of their farm to be used as a cemetery for the mainly Irish Catholic families in the area. In 1902 they transferred title to the Catholic Church and in 1989 the maintenance and care of the cemetery was turned over to Associated Catholic Cemeteries. St. Patrick Cemetery is serviced by our staff at Gethsemane Catholic Cemetery in Federal Way.

St. Patrick Cemetery Now
A number of improvements have been made to St. Patrick Cemetery recently such as a cement walkway for easier access. In addition, St. Patrick Cemetery now has a feature statue of its namesake thanks to generous donations made by members of the Kent Knights of Columbus and members of the Irish Heritage Club of Seattle. If you haven't been out to see St. Patrick Cemetery yet, we invite you to take the short drive to see this quaint little cemetery with such a rich history and beautiful scenic views of the Kent Valley and Mt. Rainier.

New Columbarium Added

Mary Magdalene Niches

Mary Magdalene Columbarium
Inside our Mausoleum Chapel at Holyrood Cemetery is a brand new Columbarium with a beautiful picture of St. Mary Magdalene standing in front of the tomb of Jesus, The bright red color of her cloak and the gold colored trim really makes for a beautiful and striking feature that visitors will enjoy viewing when they come to pray for their loved ones who have gone before them.